Moog – Theremini

We just received our first Moog Theremini in stock here at Humbucker Music! These small theremins really have a futuristic look to them almost like they just came out of an vintage Jame Bond movie! What’s really cool about these Theremins are the electronics incorporated into the design. For starters they have a built-in synthesizer for all your pre-wave needs, with 32+ presets! It also has assisted pitch control, which means you’ll never have a bad note and if you’re still concerned, there is a digital tuner display that will show you just how close you are to a note in real time! With the built in speaker you can set-up anywhere and synth out!
Be sure to check them out along with all our Moog Theremins!

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Suhr – Antique Strat

Humbucker Music just received it’s very first Suhr Classic Antique in surf green! These guitars are incredibly resonant and the relicing on them is sure to continue to age well over time. This particular guitar is equipped with an HSS setup, with a Suhr ML Neck, Suhr ML Middle and Suhr SSV Bridge pickups. It has a classic alder body and a roasted maple Even C neck with rosewood fingerboard. This is an amazing playing guitar that feels new but has a great vintage look! Take a look and make sure to check out all of our Classic Antiques and Teles.

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Bill Nash – Refinished Gibson Les Paul in Ice Tea Burst Flamed Maple

Humbucker Music is happy to have the pleasure of carrying Bill Nash Guitars, and now we have started to receive Nash’s refinished Gibson Les Pauls. This Nash Gibson Les Paul in Ice Tea Burst with Flamed Maple top just arrived and has an absolutely beautiful vintage look! In case you are wondering, these are authentic Gibson Les Pauls that Nash has refinished in his unique style to reflect a well aged and loved guitar. Be sure to take a look at this awesome guitar and check back in with our New Arrivals page frequently for new guitar and gear!

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Suhr Corso Heads In Stock!

Looking for a great travel and recording amp? Well, Humbucker Music has the Suhr Corso head in stock and it’s perfect for travel and recording! This little 5 watt amp, not only looks cool and comes in two different grill designs (Esher and Confessional), but it also has a lot of really cool features that make it incredibly versatile. This amp has a wide variety of tonal control, with a two band EQ and plenty of switches to shape not only the treble and bass, but also the mid-range and presence. With the drive control you can go from dynamic cleans to rich harmonic overdriven tone with just the turn of a knob, and with the gain switch you can really get rocking. As awesome as all these features are, Suhr isn’t done yet. This amp also includes a built in attenuator. Which most of you may be wondering why a 5 watt amp would need an attenuator. Well, the Corso‘s attenuator not only helps you bring the amp down to a quiet bedroom volume, but it also acts as a speaker load when dialed all the way down. This allows you to plug your amp directly into a recording device without having to mic the amp or have it connected to a speaker at all! This is an extremely cool amp that’s totally worth checking out!

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Two-Rock: Coral Head

The Two-Rock Coral has arrived in stock at Humbucker Music! This amp is essentially the replacement for the original Two-Rock Custom Reverb Signature, but with some new construction techniques. This is a well rounded, dynamic amp that is a great fit in Two-Rock’s extensive line. The Coral has a lot of really great bass response, a sweet clean & dynamic first channel, and a fantastic overdriven second channel with a shared EQ that really helps it compliment your cleans. This amp comes in several wattages to fit any guitar player’s needs, including 22, 40, 50 and 100 watt models. This is a great sounding amp that we’re sure will earn the respect of just about any guitar player!

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Swart – Space Tone 45

Now, here’s a cool amp that those great guys at Swart have just released! After trying out the new Space Tone 45, everyone here at Humbucker Music is excited about this amp!

This is the first time that Swart has come out with a high powered, 6L6 dedicated, convertible, amp! This is also the first time that Swart has incorporated independent tone controls for Treble and Bass and have included a 3-way EQ shaping switch. This amp has really let you shape its tone to your guitar and still has all the spacey tone you can expect from Swart. With that said, it also includes an all tubed Reverb and Tremolo circuits. This amp has it all, and at a volume that can be keep up with a drummer without a microphone! The ST-45 is definitely worth taking a look at!

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Paul Cochrane – Timmy Boost Pedal in New Starburst Green!

Everyone, it seem, loves the Paul Cochrane Timmy Boost pedals, especially in our custom Surf Green. Well now, Humbucker Music has yet another color only available for a limited time!

We’re proud to introduce the Timmy Boost Pedal in Starburst Green! It has a beautiful sparkle with undertones of blue and hunter green! This is an awesome color that Paul Cochrane has sent use, but it won’t last for long! So be sure to check it out!

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Carr Amplifiers Are Here!

We’re super excited here at Humbucker Music! Our first new shipment of Carr Amplifiers are here! That’s right Humbucker Music is now a Carr dealer. We’ll be carrying the Mercury, Rambler, Skylark, Impala, Sportsman, and Raleigh. So be sure you stay tuned for all the new amps we will be getting in stock! We have several amps ready to ship to you now! Take a look at our New Arrivals page!

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Jim Kelley Single Channel Combo in Black Tolex

Just in case you were not too crazy about the Honey Burst Jim Kelley Single Channel that we received a couple weeks ago, your friends here at Humbucker Music now have the Jim Kelley Single Channel in traditional black tolex! It has all the same great, guitar tone responsiveness, punchy cleans, smooth overdriven sound, pull/push knobs, reverb and bells with whistles, but in black and about $1k less than the Honey Burst. If you’re looking for an amp that really is going to accent your guitar, this amp is worth your time to take a look at! So be sure to check it out!

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Dr. Z: Therapy Heads – NOW IN STOCK!

The long awaited Dr. Z Therapy is now in stock at Humbucker Music! That’s right they are here and they sound amazing! These amps have a wonderfully warm bass response and a tight, chimey treble. It almost has a tweed tone to the cleans and can be overdriven into a thick crunch! Overall, this is what Dr.Z Fans have been waiting on! We have new photos and description online, so be sure to give them a look! Keep an eye out for videos on this awesome amp, they will be coming soon!

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