Carol-Ann OD3r in New Brown Alligator!

carol-ann-od3r-head-in-gatorHumbucker Music now has the much loved Carol-Ann OD3r Head in Brown Alligator! This 3 Channel, 6L6, 30 watt amp is quite versatile and can handle country tones or cranked up to full on metal and everywhere in between. This is definitely one of Alan’s most popular amps and we have just a few in stock now with matching speaker cabinets! Definitely check this one out!

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New Two-Rock Classic Reverb Colors!

two-rock-classic-reverb-head-in-custom-wine-taurusWe’re big fans of Two-Rock Amplifiers here at Humbucker Music! We’re proud to announce that we are now carrying two new colors in the Classic Reverb Heads! We now have these astounding tone machines in Wine Taurus and Brown Ostrich! These amps are renowned for their amazing tone. Designed from the Sterling Signature and John Mayer Signature amps as their guide, the Two-Rock Classic Reverb is capable of producing a large array of clean tone, as well as medium distortion.

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New Bill Nash Les Paul in Cherry Sunburst!

nash-les-paul-cherry-sunburstHumbucker Music has just received another gorgeous Nash Les Paul in Cherry Sunburst! This guitar has a beautiful flamed maple top with a fantastic finish! This guitar has some serious attractive features, like its single piece mahogany body, beautifully figured rosewood fretboard, equally stunning pearl inlays, and of course it is tastefully aged to give you the look and feel of a much loved 60’s Les Paul. The neck on this guitar feels great! It’s comfortable and fast.

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The New Tone King Imperial MKIIs are here!

tone-king-imperial-mkii-turquoiseHumbucker Music has just received its first shipment of the new Tone King Imperial MKIIs in stock! These new Imperials sound just as amazing as the former model but with some new appointments that are sure to make you smile. The new MKII has the new Ironman II attenuator incorporated into the design. Formerly the Ironman attenuator was only available on the 20th Anniversary models. One of the new features of this design is the attenuator bypass switch on the back of the amp. Which allows you to unify the volume levels of the two channels! They have also included new colors and a slightly different style to the design.

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Great Deal on Orange Rockerverb Amps!

orange-rockerverb-50-head-in-limited-whiteIf you’ve been wondering when the best time to get a new Orange Rockerverb Amp would be, Humbucker Music has a great deal for you! Now through March 31st. on any Rockerverb amp purchase (including the Limited Edition White Series) we are including an Orange branded slipcover, double button foot-switch and 30 ft Orange cable for free! These twin channel class AB amps have a classic Orange tone and a killer reverb that can range from adding a subtle saturation to a far out spacey reverb. The Rockerverbs are definitely one of Orange’s most coveted amps lines!

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New Nash TK-54 in Mary Kay White!

nash-tk54-tele-guitar-mary-kay-whiteIf you’re looking for a tele with lots of clear versatile tone, Humbucker Music just received a Bill Nash TK-54 in Mary Kay White! This guitar was modeled after Keith Richards’ famous “Micawber” stage tele. It has a killer Lollar Imperial humbucker in the neck position, a slender C-Shape all maple neck, and to top it all off a swamp ash body! What’s really nice about the pickups equipped on this guitar are their capability to get a diverse tone. This TK-54 can definitely produces great rock tones or even country and anywhere in between!

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Dr.Z Z-Verb now in Black with Z-Wreck

drz-zverb-black-zwreck-grilleHumbucker Music now has the much loved Dr. Z: Z-Verb in Black with new Z-Wreck Grill front panel. This style has been really popular so we’re extending it to tons of Dr.Z models! This reverb unit can range from a nice subtle saturated tones to a completely spaced out reverb! With the classic 3 knob control you can really dial in just about any tube driven reverb sound you want!

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New Nash T-57 in 3 Tone Sunburst!

nash-t-57-3-tone-burstThe guys here at Humbucker Music have been buzzing about this totally sweet Nash T-57 in 3 Tone Sunburst! This one in particular has an upgraded Lollar Humbucker in the neck position which makes it very versatile in tone! You can get all the full warm and vibrant tones of the humbucker but still get all the Tele bright and biting snap that everyone loves about a Tele. Plus this guitar has a light relic finish so there’s plenty of room for you to make your own mark!

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Pedaltrain VOLTO Rechargeable Pedal Power Supply!

pedaltrain-voltoHumbucker Music has started carrying the Pedaltrain VOLTO and it is now available on our website for purchase! This cool little power supply has a lithium-ion battery that carries a 2000 mA charge, which is pretty impressive for its size! You could easily get a couple gigs out of this little guy, even with 10 pedals on your board. Of course because this power supply conducts a DC current you can kiss all that ground noise good bye! It also comes with several adapters for international charging, so you can pretty much take it anywhere! This is definitely a gadget that’s worth its weight in gold!

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New Amp Color from Vintage Sound!

vintage-sound-22sc-tan-lavantHumbucker Music just received a new color choice for our much loved Vintage Sound Amps! If Fender had this new tolex available to dress their vintage amps in, we’re certain they would have! This new stylishly creamy color is called Tan LeVant and boy does it look great with the tan grill cloth! We have this amp style available in a few models including the Vintage 15 & 20 as well as this 22SC. We will most likely be extending this style to more amps in the near future.

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