New Tone King Sky King Amps in stock!

tone-king-sky-king-black-gatorIf you’re a fan of Tone King Amplifiers, you’ll love this! Humbucker Music has just received two new Special Edition NAMM Show Tone King Sky Kings in stock! These 35 watt, 6L6GC, two channel amps are one of our favorites here at the shop and now we have two exceptionally stylish versions of this amp in stock, in brown gator and black gator (featured to the right). Take a look!

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Suhr Modern Pro Drip Guitars!

suhr-pro-m4-guitar-neon-dripHumbucker Music has lowered the price on our Suhr Modern Pro Drip guitars to only $2,495.00! These awesome guitars come in a variety of styles and colors. We have neck options of both all maple and maple with pao ferro fingerboards, two bridge choices from a classic Suhr floating solid bridge and Suhr Floyd Rose bridge, and 3 color options including Neon Drip, Aqua Sparkle Drip and Rootbeer Drip! Every guitar has its own unique finish with matching head stock paint, Suhr HSH pickups and alder bodies! These guitars are a definite must see!

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Swart ST-45 in stock now!

swart-st-45-headHumbucker Music has just received, not one, but three Swart ST-45 Heads with matching cabs in stock! This is the first higher wattage head that Swart has ever produced! Not only is this head loud enough to keep up with even a heavy hitting drummer, it also has a two band EQ with a wave switch and Master Volume, all of which are ground breaking for the Swart line! This amp is also in a convertible style, so the top comes off for easy access to tubes and a for a really cool look! This is definitely an amp worth adding to your collection!

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New Nash S-63 in Vintage White with Tortoise Shell Pick Guard!

nash-s63-vintage-whiteHumbucker Music has just received this awesome Nash S-63 in Vintage White in stock! This guitar looks and feels like a much loved 1963 Strat and sounds even better. This guitar has a Swamp Ash body with a maple neck and Rosewood fingerboard. It also has a set of Lollar Dirty Blonde Handwound pickups. This is definitely a guitar worth checking out! Take a look.

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New Tone King 20th Anniversary Imperial in Surf Green!

tone-king-20th-anniversary-imperial-surf-greenHumbucker Music has just received the only Tone King 20th Anniversary Imperial in Surf Green in the entire world! This amp is truly one of a kind! This ingenious design incorporated a very unique and very impressive gain stage wiring design. These 20th Anniversary editions are no longer in production, so this surf green Imperial is sure to become a collectors amp!

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New Nash Guitars In Stock!

nash-tc63-surf-green-neck-humbuckerHumbucker Music has just received five brand new Nash Teles in stock! Like this Nash TC-63 in Surf Green with an upgraded Lollar Neck Humbucker! This awesome Tele has a Swamp Ash body, Maple neck with Rosewood Slab finger board and cream binding with mint green pick guard. The neck on this guitar feels great! It’s very smooth and has a thicker radius. Lead and rhythm guitarists alike will love this guitar!

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New Limited Edition Suhr Galactic Sparkle Pedals In Stock!

le-suhr-galactic-riot-reloadedle-suhr-galactic-shiba-drive-reloadedHumbucker Music has received two new Limited Edition Suhr Pedals in Galactic Sparkle! We now have the Suhr Shiba Drive Reloaded in Galactic Nebula and the Suhr Riot Reloaded in Galactic Aurora in stock! These pedals are in limited production. Only 200 of Riot Reloaded pedals and 300 Shiba Drives will be produced! These custom pedals are selling for regular price, but are sure to become collectible!

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Klon KTR Pedals Arriving Today!

klon-ktr-pedalHumbucker Music has a huge shipment of Klon KTR Pedals arriving today! We still have a few that are not spoken for. So if you’ve been dying to get your hands on one Now is the Time! These pedals will most likely be out of stock by the end of the day, so you’ll definitely want to move fast!

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New Nash Offset JM-63 in Surf Green!

nash-jm63-surf-greenHumbucker Music has just received a new Bill Nash Offset JM-63 in Surf Green. This guitar has Lollar Handwound Jazzmaster Style pickups, a smooth all Maple neck and an Alder body that has a medium distress level.

This guitar has tons of tonal options and some really great appointments such as a Gotoh 14″ Radius, Roller Bridge for smooth Tremolo that’s easy on the strings and stays in tune! Bill Nash uses only top of the line components when building these fantastic guitars. So they are sure to sound amazing like a much loved vintage guitar. This one is definitely worth taking a look at, so be sure to do so!

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Paul Cochrane Surf Green Timmy Pedals In Stock!

paul-cochrane-paulc-timmy-pedal-in-surf-greenIf you’ve been on the hunt for a PaulC Audio Timmy Pedal, Humbucker Music has them in stock now! This is fantastic transparent overdrive pedal that incorporates the JRC4559 chip, which Paul Cochrane prefers to other chips. The transparent qualities of this awesome pedal are highly sought after because who really wants to purchase a tube amp for its tone just to change it with your pedal board? The Timmy pedal does give you some flexibility with tone shaping with its treble and bass controls as well as gain and volume. It’s kind of a rarity to have this pedal in stock, so get them while you can!

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