The New Limited Edition Diamond Comp SE is Here!

diamond_comp_se_pedal_in_boxThe new Limited Edition Diamond Comp SE is now in stock! There will only be 100 of these new compressor pedals made and Humbucker Music has 20 of them! The new Comp SE is a finely tuned and upgraded version of the classic Diamond Compressor design. This new pedal has upgraded components like oxygen free 20 gauge wire, Takman Carbon Film Resistors, WIMA Polypropylene Capacitors, and Precision Analog Devices Opamp! The circuit has been finely tuned to create an even more transparent tone and signal path. Get yours while they last, these awesome compressors won’t last long and when they’re gone, they are gone for good!

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The New Emerson Custom Concord Utility Buffer is here!

emerson-custom-concord-utility-bufferHumbucker Music has just received its first shipment of Emerson Custom Concord Utility Buffers in stock! These quality built buffers are designed to run at the end of your pedal board and give your signal all the clarity and distinction lost between all those pedals and cable. If you’ve lost some of the sparkle in your tone after using several pedals this awesome little buffer is the perfect addition to your pedal board!

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New Nash T-72 DLX, 3 Tone Sunburst In Stock!

nash-t-72-dlx-3-tone-sunburstHumbucker Music has just received a very sweet Nash T-72 DLX Tele in 3 Tone Sunburst in stock! This Tele definitely a fantastic playing guitar with fat humbucker tones! It’s equipped with Lollar Handwound Regal pickups, a single piece alder body and an all maple C-shape neck with large headstock. It has independent tone and volume controls for each pickup and a 3 way selector switch giving you plenty of control over the tone of this awesome guitar!

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New Strymon Deco Pedals in stock!

strymon-deco-pedalHello everyone, Humbucker Music has received another shipment of the new Strymon Deco pedals in stock! These awesome new pedals create an amazing saturated guitar tone and emulates the art of dual tape echo, chorus and flanger with accuracy and attention to detail of a classic tape effect. There are even added effects like the “wobble” mode that adds random modulations to your effects. This is definitely a great addition to your pedal collection, so be sure to check it out!

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New Dr. Z Maz 18 NR Head with Burl Walnut Faceplate!

drz-maz18-nr-burl-walnutWow! Take a look at the new Dr. Z Maz 18 Non-Reverb Head with Burl Walnut Hardwood Faceplate that just rolled into Humbucker Music! The figuring on these beautiful pieces of book matched Burl Walnut from Harvey Reams Woodworking look as if the Dr. Z logo could take flight. Not only does this amp have an amazing faceplate, but the Maz 18 NR is a world renowned amp with beautiful harmonic chime and well rounded bass response!

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Loads of New Bill Nash Teles In Stock!

nash-tc-63-guitar-black-bigsbyHumbucker Music has plenty of new Bill Nash Teles in stock! Like this Black TC-63 with Bigsby tremolo! This stylish Tele comes equipped with an HS set of hand wound Lollar picksups, mint green 3-ply pick guard, maple neck with rosewood finger board and a light relic black nitrocellulose finish with cream binding. This guitar has a great range of tone! With a three way selector switch you can get great fat warm tones from the the humbucker neck Lollartron pick up or biting Tele tone from the single coil at the bridge and of course a blend of both. This is definitely a cool guitar, so take a look! But, don’t forget to check out the rest of the Bill Nash guitars we have in stock!

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Just in from Moog Music! Sub-37 In stock now!

moog-sub-37-sideHumbucker Music has just received several Moog Sub-37 Synthesizers in stock! These awesome little synthesizer has two modes: monophonic or duo-paraphonic with 256 presets, and 16 banks of 16 patches. It also has an incredibly responsive keyboard with 37 velocity sensitive notes with aftertouch. There are a ton of features to this synthesizer! Way too many to list here. But, be sure to check out our page for more information!

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Great new prices on Suhr Pro Classic & Classic T Ash Series!

suhr_pro_classicssuhr_pro_classic-tThat’s right, Humbucker Music has dropped the price on all our Suhr Pro Classics AshClassic-T Ash Series Guitars! These Guitars have Swamp Ash vintage figured bodies,  Suhr pickups and all maple necks! These awesome guitars have been discounted over $200 & are now only $1,989.00! We have several colors left! This deal will only be available while supplies last.

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New Bill Nash Tele T-52 in Olympic White in stock now!

bill-nash-t52-olympic-whiteTake a look at the new Bill Nash Tele that just rolled into Humbucker Music! This T-52 in Olympic White has an Ash Body, Maple Neck and Lollar Handwound pickups! It’s a sweet player for sure! The olympic white finish has yellowed from the aging process and has a nice vintage white look to it! This guitar is appointed with nickel hardware, brass vintage tele saddles, and a single ply black pick guard. Very nice indeed!

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Fall Sale on Suhr 2014 Collection Guitars!

suhr_2014_collectionHumbucker Music’s Suhr 2014 Collection Guitars are now on sale! We’ve taken over $600 off the ticket price and they are now priced at $6,895! These hand crafted pieces of art are made from some of the rarest woods in the world and are of a museum grade quality! For example the quilted maple guitars are made from one solid piece of quilted maple! These guitars will definitely become family heirlooms and are now on sale just in time for Christmas!
Take a look!

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