Black Arts Toneworks – Pharaoh Supreme

Humbucker Music is proud to introduce the Pharaoh Supreme to our ever growing collection of awesome pedals from Black Arts Toneworks! This sweet pedal is essentially a buffet table of fuzz with loads of options. It has taken all the goodies from the previous Pharaoh and incorporated a few new options. Instead of the Hi/Lo switch there is a Pre control pot that allows you to adjust your signal before it hits the fuzz circuit, giving you the ability to cater the pedal to your guitar. It also has a new 6 stage clipping switch that gives you tons of optional fuzz! This is definitely an awesome pedal to check out and of course we have it in Surf Green, as well as the standard metallic hunter green.

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Jim Kelley Single Channel Combo in Honey Burst Maple

Here at Humbucker Music there are days when we love our job, but then there are days when we REALLY love our jobs! Take a look at what we just got in! This Jim Kelley Single Channel in Honey Burst Flamed Maple is absolutely stunning!

This 60 watts of awesome is designed to retain your natural guitar sound while still giving you the ability to rock out or just enjoy some loud clean punchy tone. It features a half power switch so you don’t disturb the neighbors (too much), or use it to overdrive the amp a bit more. This amp delivers on all levels! From it’s gorgeous exterior to its amazing tone! Take a look!

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Dr. Z – Therapy Amp

Humbucker Music is usually right there at the epicenter of what’s going down in the gear world, we stay informed and we love being able to share our knowledge with our customers. Well, we have the pleasure of bringing you another amazing product!

This is the latest and greatest amp from Dr.Z Amplifiers, introducing the Therapy! This amp is warm, round and has enough head room to still enjoy your pedals, but can also be driven to a sweet gain level with the help of the Master Volume control. We’ve had the pleasure of playing this amp, and all agree that it sounds amazing! Be sure to check out our hands on descriptions and photos! The Therapy is now available for pre-order in several colors, so get yours in while you can!

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Suhr – Koko Boost Pedal

The Suhr Koko Boost Reloaded are finally here! Humbucker Music is glad to bring you this awesome boost pedal! This is a great pedal for those of you that need to boost your mid-range frequencies. Which can be useful for those of you who might have a more modern mid scooped sound from your amp. Mainly though, this pedal is intended to rock your solos and kind of inverts your EQ to really drive the sustain of your notes! This is an awesome classic rock boost pedal that’s worth taking a look at, so be sure to do so and don’t forget to take a look at all of our Suhr Pedals!

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Fano – GF6 in Round-Up Orange

Here’s an awesome Fano Guitar that Humbucker Music is excited to bring to all of you! This Fano GF6 is based on the Fender Starcaster design from the mid 70′s to the early 80′s. The Round-Up Orange Semi-Hollow body is made from maple and features a carved swamp ash top. Couple that with the Fralin P90 pickups and you get a super warm classic tone that will ring for ages with the nitrocellulose finish. All-in-all, this is an amazing guitar, so make sure to give it a look! And don’t forget to check out the rest of our GF6 Fano Guitars!

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BadCat: CubIII 40

Humbucker Music has offered BadCat Amplifiers for just a short while now, but they’ve definitely made an impression on us here at the shop. The warm tone and versatility of their single channel CubIIIs has gained our unanimous approval.

This BadCat: CubIII 40 non-reverb is the largest CubIII that BadCat produces and is absolutely incredible! This is a well balanced amp with plenty of head room, but can be overdriven with the help of the K Master Volume. This is an amp worth checking out, but don’t forget to take a look at the rest of the BadCat Amplifiers that we carry!

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Suhr Custom Govan Spec in Bengal Burst Quilted Maple

Here’s another Suhr Govan Spec that just arrived at Humbucker Music! Though, Suhr no longer produces his Signature Model in an official capacity, the Govan Spec is essentially built to the same specifications. So for those of you having a tough time getting your hands on a Signature Model, we’ve got you covered!

This particular Suhr Govan Spec, has an incredible quilted maple top and amazing figuring on the Pau Ferro neck. Take a look at this amazing guitar and the rest of our Suhr Custom Shop guitars!

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Mesa: Flux-Five Overdrive Pedal

Here’s a super versatile Overdrive Pedal that Humbucker Music is pleased to offer. The Mesa Flux-Five Overdrive Pedal incorporates Mesa/Boogie’s 5 band EQ and allows you complete control over how it’s applied to your overdrive. In addition to the standard controls that the Flux-Drive provided, this pedal gives you two modes designed for hi and lo overdriven output and Mesa has given the option to apply the EQ to either channel or both as well as a Hi output trim control. This is a great pedal for all the Mesa tone fanatics or those who just want to add some variety to their overdrive tone. Be sure to check out all our Mesa Pedals!

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Dr. Z: M12 in Black with Blue Hardwood Front Plate

Humbucker Music is excited to carry Dr.Z Amplifiers, but we’re even more excited to carry Dr.Z Custom Hardwoods. Like this M12 Custom Hardwood with Blue Flamed Maple front plate. This front plate is quite unique and features A-Symmetrical ¬†figuring which really gives this amp a cool look.

The M12 is a fantastic low wattage amp for all you pedal fanatics out there and with the custom hardwood front plate, this amp is a great collectors piece! Be sure to check this amp out, and take a look at the rest of our M12s and Dr.Z Amps.

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Suhr Modern – Burl Maple in Trans Blue Tint

Here’s a really spectacular guitar from those awesome guys at Suhr. This Trans Blue Modern with Burl Maple Top is absolutely one of a kind and we at Humbucker Music are glad to have it!

This amazing guitar features Suhr’s locking tuners, Mahogany and Pau Ferro neck with compound shape, SSV neck, ML middle, & SSH+ bridge pickups, along with chrome hardware and of course a beautiful burl maple top. Be sure to check it out along with the rest of our Suhr Custom Guitars!

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